Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they will become
— Brooke hampton

Über das Studio

Key aspects of this piano course include an introductory parent training course, English language immersion, weekly private lessons, dynamic and fun weekly group classes, field trips, workshops, and ample performance opportunities. Simply put, the Steitz Klavier Kurs is a unique learning opportunity. The highly-effective and transformative curriculum Samantha Steitz has developed after many years of teaching is focused around the idea of providing a complete holistic music education.

Using this play and repetition based approach, children simply love to play the piano. Our cozy studio is located in the heart of St. Leonhard - Graz, steps away from the Kunst Uni.


das konzept

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Fun Group Classes

Children learn best with just a teacher and parent at a private lesson. However, group classes are ideal for games, movement activities, performances, and language immersion practice.

Hundreds of games and activities are played over the years, making this a very special part of the curriculum.

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Informative Parent Training

Young children need the support of their parents at home to build their self-esteem and become strong musicians. While adults have decades of experience with time-management, organization and communication skills, children are still learning. It is our job to provide a nurturing home environment in which the children practice because it is their favorite activity to share with their parent(s).



Private Lessons

During the weekly private lesson, we cover technique, reading, rhythm reading, sight-reading, repertoire, and review. Naturally, parents attend all private lessons. Parental support, engagement, and leading home practices is the defining aspect of Suzuki Method that makes it so successful.


English language Immersion

Lessons will be taught entirely in English, giving children a unique opportunity to become fluent in the language. Though all children learn English in school, speaking 2X/week with a native speaker will give the students a significant "head start," both with conversational skills and speaking with no accent.

Group classes 

In addition to private lessons with the home teacher (a parent), all students enjoy weekly group class. The objective of group class is to have fun while learning. Activities are largely kinesthetic and movement based. 
In group classes, we study: 

  • Rhythm and counting

  • Singing

  • Keyboard geography

  • Musical alphabet

  • Note names

  • Music theory

  • Music history

parent training seminar 

In Suzuki Method, parents take this journey alongside their kids. How exciting! Since parents practice with their children at home, we must make sure that you feel 100% confident doing this. Many are surprised to find that absolutely no music background is necessary. During our introductory parent training course (2-4 private sessions), parents will learn all the basics to be an optimal coach and cheerleader. 

In the course, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Philosophy: What is Suzuki Method? What is the Suzuki Klavier Kurs (an overview of your child's first year with the instrument)

  2. Basic Piano Techniques: Posture, strong fingers, arm weight, and so forth

  3. Basics of Notation: Rhythm counting, pitch, Solfège, keyboard geography

  4. When to practice & how to practice

  5. Games to use during practice and other motivational tools

  6. How to foster a home environment in which children will naturally try their hardest

Other topics include: How to use praise your child (specific/authentic vs. general/disingenuous)  | How to make music part of your family life | Cultivation of self-esteem | Leadership as a parent | The importance of making mistakes | Patience | Team-work and cooperation skills | 

private lessons

All students receive a 45 minute weekly private lesson. Parents of children under the age of 10 are expected to attend all lessons. A laptop for note-taking is provided in the studio. All families will have a shared Dropbox folder for individualized practice videos.

During each lesson, we cover: 

  • Technique building | Scales | Chord progressions |Transposition Exercises

  • Sight-Reading | Rhythm Reading |Reading Piece

  • Repertoire

  • Repertoire Review

  • Working with parent "aka home teacher"

english immersion

According to Heather Singmaster, who has studied the effects and benefits of bilingual education: "There are years of research showing that the brains of bilingual people have better executive function, which is what allows you to focus on problem solving, moving between tasks, and recalling words and information. All are keys to being successful in life." 

Here are some reasons why learning two languages is even better than learning one language: 

  1. According to studies, the earlier the child begins a second language, the better

  2. Students enrolled in the Suzuki Klavier Kurs will have an opportunity 2X/week to listen, learn and converse with a native English speaker. These opportunities will give your child a remarkable advantage with their accent, grammar skills, and linguistic fluidity that will last for the rest of their lives

  3. All lessons, group classes, and interactions will be conducted in English. If a child asks a question in German, they will hear the answer in English. With this total immersion approach, the students will understand English in no time!

  4. Students will learn German music terminology, although this will be very easy for them.

  5. Many similarities exist between language immersion and the Suzuki Method, which is completely based on language learning/immersion itself! Think of this as an opportunity for your child to learn two languages at once!